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    References is a means of assessing scientific output, so it is necessary in order demonstrate the quality and recognition of other researchers, to refere to their works. References should be made whenever referring to ideas, opinions, positions or any other expression of thought and creativity in another text, even if it is not directly mentioned in your work, but it is implicit basis for the expression of an opinion or statement.

    The bibliographical references are given and styled depending on the type of publication and consequently the standards governing each type. For example, there are other references syntaxes for theses and another for an article in a research journal.

    Citation management software – Mendeley

    Mendeley is a free application for managing references. Mendeley allows you to manage and share your research work, to retrieve bibliographic records and to collaborate with other researchers. It combines the power of Mendeley Desktop, an application for the management of the documents you have locally stored on your computer (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) and Mendeley Web, an online tool for the management of your research work and a social network for researchers.

    With Mendeley you can organize your documents into folders and subfolders, without changing the layout of files on your computer. You can also share these documents with your colleagues and exchange references. You can even open the files inside Mendeley, read your work and take notes on them. By using Mendedey’s plugins for popular editors, such as Word and OpenOffice, you can insert citations in your papers as you write and automatically format your references according to the template you have chosen.

    You can download Mendeley from here.


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