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  • 2nd Erasmus Staff Mobility Week – 2014

    2nd Erasmus Staff Mobility Week in the Library & Information Center of the University of Patras – For Librarians

    1-5 September 2014

    To improve is to change

    In times of crisis, such as the one we face today, collaboration and exchange of experiences is crucial. Every single academic library has a solution for another library’s problem. Getting together and sharing our knowledge and ideas is the basic purpose of this Erasmus Staff Mobility Week. We invite every librarian that is willing to share and learn, to distribute and adopt, to help and get helped, to change and help others change as well.

    Our program appeals mostly to librarians with a background in digitization, Open Access and electronic recourses management, without excluding others that want to put their hands on such issues. Workshops, presentations and social events aim to provide our participants with both knowledge and leisure that they expect to find in a country like Greece!


    We do not charge any participation fee, but visitors will cover their own expenses for accommodation. Some meals and coffees are included in the program. Participants are encouraged to use the Erasmus Mobility Grant.


    Please find the preliminary program here.


    Applications for the 2nd Erasmus Staff Mobility Week in University of Patras is now closed. Thank you all for your interest in our staff week.

    Selection of applicants

    The maximum number of participants is twenty (20). Should we receive more applications, there will be a selection process based on our effort to find the colleagues that will maximize the outcomes of the week. Applicants will be informed about the result by the end of May and they will receive all information needed about matters of traveling, accommodation etc.

    The courses will be held in English, therefore good knowledge of the language is mandatory for the attendees.


    Hotels in the area of Rio

    Easy access to the Library on foot, or railway.

    Hotel Castello (Cat. B) – 5’ walk to the library
    Patron‐Athinon 21, Rio, GR 265 00, Patras.
    Tel.: +30 2610 992 957, 992 986
    Fax: +30 2610 992 989
    Web page:
    Prices: Single: 40 €, Double: 45 € (breakfast not included)
    Prices: Single: 50 €, Double: 60 €, (breakfast included)

    Hotel Achaia Beach (Cat. B) – 30’ walk to the library or train (1,40€ ticket)
    Kastelokambos, GR 264 42, Patras
    Tel.: +30 2610 991 801‐4
    Fax: +30 2610 992 487
    Web page:
    Prices (breakfast incl.) Single: 59 € (sea view), 49 € (mountain view) Double: 68 € (sea view), 59 (mountain view)

    Hotel Tzaki (Cat. B) – 10’ train to the library (1,40€ ticket)
    Paralia Proastiou, GR 264 42, Patras.
    Tel.: 2610 453 960
    Fax: 2610 426 750
    Web page:

    Hotels in the area of Patras

    Access to the library by railway or bus (approx. 30 minutes trip – 1,40€ ticket)

    Hotel Byzantino (Cat. A)
    Riga Fereou 106, GR 262 21, Patras.
    Τηλ.: +30 2610 24 30 00
    Fax: +30 2610 62 21 50
    Email: info@byzantino‐
    Web page: http://www.byzantino‐

    Hotel Astir (Cat. A)
    Agiou Andreou 16, GR 262 23, Patras. Tel.: +30 2610 279 812, 277 546
    Fax: +30 2610 271 644
    Telex: 312167‐ASTH GR
    Web Page:

    Hotel Patras Palace (Cat. A)
    Othonos Amalias 15, GR 262 21, Patras
    Tel..: +30 2610 623 131
    Web page:

    Hotel Galaxy (Cat.B)
    Agiou Nikolaou 9, GR 262 21, Patras.
    Tel.: +30 2610 275 981
    Fax: +30 2610 275 981‐3

    Travelling from Athens to the Patras

    By Train

    The Airport is the starting point for Athens Suburban Railway which in the future will arrive at Patras in 2.30 hours. Now, and due to on‐going infrastructure works on the railway line between these two stations, the Suburban Railway stops at the town of Kiato and it provides a bus service for all passengers that would like to arrive at Patras. For more information please visit‐suburban‐railway. You can also see the timelines from the Airport to Kiato and the bus connections from Kiato to Patras.

    By Coach

    Patras is connected with Athens by regular coach service (, every 30′ (the trip lasts about 2,5 hours). In Athens, the main coach station is called “KTEL Peloponissou” (Kifissos Coach Station), at 100 Kifissou Str. (telephone: +30 210 5124910). Coach line X93 connects directly Kifissos Coach Station to Athens International Airport. In Patras, the coach station is located at the centre of Patras, at 2 Zaimi Str. and Othonos Amalias Str. (telephone: +30 2610 623886‐8). There are also daily coach services to all major cities of Greece, the Ionian Islands and the well‐known archaeological sites, such as Olympia, Delphi, Kalavryta.

    Access to LIS

    You can find all relevant information at the Access webpage of our website.

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