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  • 3rd Erasmus Staff Mobility Week – 2015

    3rd ERASMUS Staff Mobility Week In The Library And Information Center of the University of Patras – For Librarians

    7-11 September 2015

    The deadline for applications has now passed.


    Hard times require hard work and collaboration and the exchange of experiences can lighten up the burden. Every single academic Library might have the solution for another Library’s problem and by opening up to each other, progress is guaranteed. Getting together and sharing our knowledge and ideas is the basic purpose of this Erasmus staff mobility week that we organize. We invite every librarian that is willing to share and learn, to distribute and adopt, to help and get helped, to change and help others change as well.

    Our program appeals mostly to librarians with a background in digitization, open access and information literacy, without excluding others that want to put their hands on such issues. Workshops, presentations and social events aim to provide our participants with both knowledge and leisure that they expect to find in a country like Greece!


    We do not charge any participation fee, but visitors will cover their own expenses for accommodation. Some meals and coffees are included in the program. Participants are encouraged to use the Erasmus Mobility Grant.


    The electronic application form is now available. Please, send your application as soon as possible, but no later than May 15th, 2015.

    The deadline for applications has now passed.


    You can find the program in printable form here.

    Selection of applicants

    The maximum number of participants is 20. If we receive more applications there will be a selection process based on our effort to find the colleagues that will maximize the outcomes of the week both for our staff and for the rest of the participants. Applicants will be informed about the result until the end of May and they will receive all the information needed about matters of traveling, accommodation etc.

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