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    Library Regulation Leafet

    Get a short, yet comprehensive, guide of the Library regulation, by downloading the Library Regulation Leaflet.


    The material of the collections of LIC is divided into borrowed and non-borrowed material. Not borrowed material in general are:

    • Dictionaries
    • Encyclopedias
    • Manuals
    • Reference books
    • Magazines
    • Audiovisual material
    • Collection of free books

    No collection item can be used or borrowed before registered in the catalogue and sealed.

    User Card

    All registered users of LIC who hold a valid user card have the right to borrow material. The user card is strictly personal and issued by LIC at the request of the user. One-time reissue of the user card after it has been declared lost, is possible by showing their student’s identity or normal id (for exterior users). Reissuing user card for the second time is charged with the amount of 5 Euros. The reissue of the user card for the third time brings a six penalty suspension of the right to use LIC services.

    To request the issuing of a Library card, please complete this form and either send it via mail (press the button Submit form to send it to or print it and deliver it to the Circulation desk. Your card will be ready in a couple of working days.

    Borrowing Duration & Renewal – Requesting a Book

    The loan period varies depending on user type (faculty, graduate student, undergraduate, exterior) and the category of the book (e.g. book for frequent or habitual use). The total number of books that a user can borrow while also vary depending on the type of user (faculty, graduate student, undergraduate, exterior), and this number includes books that the user has already borrowed and not returned.


    Type of Document Period of loan
    Number of renewals
    Faculty members: up to 5 books
    ΑΕΧΕ 15 days 1
    ΑΣΧΕ 15 days 1
    ΑΣΧΞ 15 days 1
    Δ1Ν 1 night 0
    Δ 30 days 2
    Post-graduate students: up to 4 books
    AEXE 15 days 1
    ΑΣΧΕ 15 days 1
    ΑΣΧΞ 15 days 1
    Δ1Ν 1 night 0
    Δ 30 days 2
    Students: up to 3 books
    ΑΕΧΕ 7 days 1
    ΑΣΧΕ 15 days 1
    ΑΣΧΞ 10 days 2
    Δ1Ν 1 night 0
    Δ 30 days 2
    Research and administative personnel: up to 3 books
    ΑΕΧΕ 7 days 1
    ΑΣΧΕ 15 days 1
    ΑΣΧΞ 10 days 2
    Δ1Ν 1 night 0
    Δ 30 days 2
    External users: up to 2 books
    AEXE 7 days 0
    ΑΣΧΕ 7 days 0
    ΑΣΧΞ 7 days 0
    Δ1Ν 1 night 0
    Δ 30 days 2


    • ΑΕΧΕ are widely used items in the Greek language
    • ΑΣΧΕ are frequently used items in Greek languages
    • ΑΣΧΞ are frequently used items in foreign languages
    • Δ1Ν are items that can be on loan only for one night
    • Δ are items that belong to a donation

    Patrons can renew items that are already out on loan to them provided that

    • they have not been requested by another user,
    • they have not been renewed by themselves for the maximum number of times,
    • they are not overdue,
    • they do not have LIC card restricted for any other reason,
    • you can renew items either by calling the Circulation desk (0030 2610-969621), or by presenting your card.

    Returning Books – Late Returns – Book Loss

    Patrons shall return material to the Library of issue by the date specified or upon demand. It is the responsibility of patrons to ensure that they are in a position to respond promptly to recall notices. Fines or charges on overdue materials are 0,58 Euros per Item per day (weekends not included).

    In order for students to get a degree or to be deleted by their Department, they shall be required to return the LIC card and get a certificate that she/he does not owe books or fines to LIC. Otherwise, in order to get the above certificate, you must return borrowed books or have to replace them (if they are lost) and pay the fines owed.

    The rules are being decided by LIC Library Board.

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