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    Digital collection Kosmopolis includes the full text of 14 philological and literary journals that were published in Greece and in other areas with Greek population, from 1834 until 1930.

    The creation of the collection is the main project of the action “Digitization and digital disposal of the content of Greek Literary Periodicals”, that is materialized within the franmework of Telephaesa Project. The creation of the Kosmopolis digital collection began with the initiative and under the academic responsibility of Athina Georganta (Associate Professor at the Department of Philology) and Maria Rota (teaching staff at the Department of Philology). The activity was materialized by LIC in collaboration with the Department of Philology (Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies section), the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (ELIA) and the Municipal Library of Patras.

    The content of the collection includes the following titles: Ποικίλη Στοά (1881-1914), Ευτέρπη (1847-1855), Χρυσαλλίς (1863-1866), Ιόνιος Ανθολογία (1834-1835), Αποθήκη των ωφελίμων γνώσεων (1837-1844), Αποθήκη των ωφελίμων & τερπνών γνώσεων (1847-1849), Νέα Ζωή (904-1927), Γράμματα (1911-1921), Αλεξανδρινή Τέχνη (1926-1930), Αργώ (1923-1927), Ημερολόγιο Σκόκου (1886-1918), Ιωνική Μέλισσα (1850-1852), Μη Χάνεσαι (1880-1883), Νουμάς (1903-1931).

    Enter Kosmopolis


    Pleias logoAfter the successful implementation of Kosmopolis digital collection, a new collection was proposed and materialized, entitled Pleias, funded also by Telephaesa Project. This collection includes the context of 26 Greek periodicals of 19th and early 20th century belonging to the collections of Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (ELIA).

    Those titles are: Αθηναΐς (1876-1881), Ακρόπολις Φιλολογική (1888-1889), Απόλλων (1883-1892), Αρμονία (1900-1903), Άστυ (1885-1890), Αττικόν Μουσείον (1883-1892), Εδέμ (Κων/πολις) (1862), Εθνικόν Ημερολόγιον Βρετού (Παρίσι) (1861-1871), Ευρωπαϊκός Ερανιστής (1840-1842), Εφημερίς των Παίδων (1868-1893), Ζακύνθιος Ανθών (1874-1878), Θελξινόη (Κων/πολις) (1856), Ιλισσός (1868-1872), Κασταλία (Κων/πολις) (1861), Κλειώ (1885-1892), Μέλισσα των Αθηνών (1864-1865), Νεολόγου Εβδομαδιαία Επιθεώρησις (1891-1894), Ο Αβδηρίτης και του Διαβόλου τα Πηδήματα (1857-1858), Όμηρος (1873-78), Πανδώρα (1851-1872), Παρθενών (1908), Παρνασσός (1877-1895), Πινακοθήκη (1901-1926), Σαββατιαία Επιθεώρησις (Κων/πολις) (1877-1878), Φιλολογία (1841), Φιλολογική Ηχώ (1893-1897).

    This project was implemented by LIC in collaboration with a team of Philology graduates and Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (ELIA).

    Enter Pleias


    Daniilis logoDaniilis is a digital collection that indexes and provides open access to the content of important Greek periodical that belong to the collection of Munincipal Library of Patras.

    At the moment, the collection includes mainly historical periodicals that were published in Patras, as well as other important periodicals of national circulation, that were published throughout the 19th and early 20th century.

    The collection is the result of the collaboration between the Municipal Library of Patras and the Library & Information Center of the University of Patras and was developed within the framework of the project TELEPHAESSA

    The collection at the moment includes the follwing titles: Ακαδημαϊκόν Ημερολόγιον Πατρών (1918), Ελικών (1919), Επαρχιακόν πνεύμα (1869), Ημερολόγιον μετά πλήρους οδηγού των Πατρών (1927), Ημερολόγιον της Μεγάλης Ελλάδος (1922-1936), Ηχώ Εγκυκλοπαιδική (1928-1929), Ο Απόστολος Ανδρέας (1924-1927), Παλλάς (1877), Πνύξ (1897-1898).

    Enter Daniilis


    Logo of DiogeneiaDiogeneia is the newest digital collection of the Library and Information Centre, which collects memory documents of historical importance for the University of Patras, the city of Patras, Achaia and Greece. For the time being, Diogeneia includes only one thematic section (sub-collection), which refers to the celebration of the 50 years of the University of Patras, while two other thematic sections are under development, expected to be published in 2015. Diogeneia has been developed using Omeka software.

    Enter Diogeneia

    Greek Social and Economic Journals

    The collection constitutes an electronic index that consists of bibliographic data of some of the most important 20th century Greek periodical publications in the area of social, economical and political science. The collection is the result of the collaboration between the Library of the Hellenic Parliament, who owns all the periodicals that have been indexed, within ghe framework of the project TELEPHAESSA.

    The collection at the moment includes the follwing titles: The Greek Review of Social Research, Political-Economical Research – Monthly Review, Political and Philological Review – Weekly Journal, Economical and Political Science Review, Philosophy and Science Theory Archive, Hellinika – Historical Journal, National Reconstraction, Antaios, Social and Public Economics Review, Socialistic Review.

    Enter the digital collection of Greek Social and Economic Journals

    Note: the operation of all the aforementioned collections in based on the open source platform Open Journals System – OJS.


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