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    Multimedia Lab

    The Multimedia Laboratory gives users the opportunity to manage and use any medium and format of material (educational and informative multimedia CD-ROMs, videotapes, tapes, music CDs and LPs, DVDs, AVI formats, etc). With the use of the available equipment, almost all alternative forms of scientific material, that are provided by LIC, can be accessible from users. Currently, this material is searchable through the library’s OPAC, Nereus.

    Foreign Languages Lab

    There is a Foreign Languages Laboratory at LIC, which gives users the possibility to learn a foreign language with the method of self-teaching. The laboratory is addressed to members of the University Community (students, scientific and research personnel, visitors – collaborators, postgraduate students, PHD students, administrative personnel, etc.). All above should have a valid library card.

    LIC provides two workstations equipped with television sets, VHS players, personal computers and walkmans. Special language software is also installed on the computers.

    The lab offers material for these languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek for:

    • Beginners
    • Advanced Users
    • Proficient Users

    Additional packages of accelerated language learning, jargon, dictionaries, TOEFL exams preparation series are also offered. The series “Eurodialogues” is also available: Greek-Romanian, Greek-Turkish, Greek-Albanian, Greek-Dutch, Greek-Serbian, Greek-Portuguese, Greek-Arabic and vice versa. All the above include pronunciation and grammar rules and a guide for shopping.

    The use of the lab is free of charge and the opening hours are 08:00-20:00 daily, apart from Monday which is 10:00-20:00.

    Rules and Regulations

    • Every user has the right to attend as many hours and as many languages as he/she wishes per week without having to register in advance, as long as the material he/she wishes to use is available.
    • The user has to present a valid library card to borrow the necessary material from the Information Desk on the 2nd Floor and for a maximum time of 2 hours.
    • The user is responsible for the use of the equipment and the printed material. In case of a malfunction he/she should contact the relevant staff in the User Support Department.


    • Fiori Papadatou, 0030 2610 969628,
    • Maria Frantzi, 0030 2610 969626,
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