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    The e-Class platform is an integrated system for Asynchronous learning for the University of Patras academic community. The development of the platform was the basic outcome of the action “Development of New Electronic Services to Assist Teaching Processes” in project Telephaessa. The aim of this action is to develop delivery and accessing mechanisms of various types of educational material in electronic form via the Internet.

    The role of LIC

    The involvement of LIC is summarized in the following points:

    1. Enrichment of courses at the following level:
      • bibliographic information and documentation,
      • search and electronic information sources provision
    2. User (faculty members & students) Support and training with:
      • organized seminars in LIC premises
      • face to face training
      • three-member support team
    3. Ensuring the user law compliance by providing licenses or digitizing electronic educational material.
    4. Supply of necessary teaching materials, mainly in electronic format.


    The implementation of the platform was in synergy with the Network Operation Center of the University of Patras (UPnet) respective action. The e-Class platform developed by the Network of Academic Institutions GUnet.


    To support students in using the platform LIC has set up a special email account to send any relevant query. The account is

    Log in to eClass


    Pronoe service enables you to dynamically link the course content taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Patras -analyzed in terms of thematic analysis- with the catalogue of LIC material (course analysis).

    Pronoe is essentially a tool for faculty because it gives them the opportunity to have at all times an updated literature list to recommend to their students, including the ability to evaluate the collections of LIC and its level of bibliographic coverage of their courses from the existing material. This way they can identify the gaps in collections and to contribute effectively to future material LIC purchase.

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