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    The Library and Information Centre (LIC) operates as an autonomous and decentralized service of the University of Patras.

    The operation is supervised by the Library Board, which has a four years term specified by the University Senate. The operation of the LIC is governed by the internal regulation, under which the administrative structure into departments and their responsibilities is specified.

    Library Board

    LIC is supervised by a four-year term Library Board, which is defined by the Senate.

    In this term, the line-up of the Board is:

    • Nikolaos Avouris, Chairman, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Kostiou Aikaterini, Member & Vice Chairwoman, Associate Professor, Department of Literature
      • Alternate member: Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Education
    • Hrisi Karapanagioti, Member, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
      • Alternate member: Vasileios Papageorgiou, Professor, Department of Mathematics
    • Ioannis Zarkadis, Member, Professor, Department of Medicine
      • Alternate member: Kyriakos Kypraios, Professor, Department of Medicine
    • Dimitrios Damaskos, Member, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies
      • Alternate member: Christos Merantzas, Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies
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