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    The prints of users is possible at present only from the computers of the Laboratory on the 2nd floor of the Library. Users can print articles or scientific information from the Internet or their own work in the context of their academic status (work, studies, articles, etc). The use of the machinery of the Laboratory for prints is governed by the Rules of Use of Shared Electronic Equipment of LIC.

    Printing is centrally managed by the Library staff. The prints executed and delivered to the user by the information desk staff of the second floor by showing the Library user card. Each page costs 0.05 Euros and the total amount of prints is “charged” to the user’s personal account in the Library’s system. The user can pay the cost of prints at the Loaning counter on the 1st floor, either directly or at any time desired.

    Note that the amount corresponding to prints added to existing amounts owed by each user (fines, etc.) and that an excess of a certain amount of indebtedness results in inability to borrow books from the SCP or order processing literature etc.


    The Library offers to users photocopying machines for copying material that is not permitted to borrow.

    The use of these copiers is possible with magnetic cards of 25 and 50 copies, which cost 1 and 2 euros respectively. A limited number of cards of 200 copies is available for 5 Euros. The supply of these cards made by the lending desk on the first floor of the LIC.

    Note that you may not use the photocopying machines to copy material not owned by the Library, such as student notes, etc.

    It is explicitly noted that users are obliged to respect the current legislation (N.2121/93) concerning the protection of intellectual property rights (copyright) and their exhibition to illegal use through copying or scanning. So it is strictly prohibited to photocopy extensive excerpts of book material.

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