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    Get your Library card to benefit from the LIC’s services.
    The card is issued for free for the members of the academic community, but it may also be issued to external users. The Library card is strictly personal and is issued by the LIC after the user’s request.

    Re-issuing the card for the first time, after having declared it’s loss to the library, can be done by the academic community users just by showing their student card or by the external users by showing their ID. Reprinting the card for the second time,is charged with the amount of 5 Euro. Reprinting the card for the third time causes a six month ban from the services of LIC.

    In order for students to get a degree or to be deleted by their department, it is required to return their Library card and get a certificate that they do not owe any books or have any fines. Otherwise, to get this certificate, they must return all they books they have loaned or replace them (if they have lost them) or pay the fines they owe.

    To get the Library card, external users pay an one-time fee of 30 Euros.

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